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Oman is one of the most advanced countries on the global green hydrogen map. The country, blessed with excellent renewable energy resources, has set a clear and transparent competitive tender mechanism and implemented concrete measure to kickstart the green hydrogen economy, including investment in shared facilities. Large-scale projects with major players are already underway.

Yamna is developing a large-scale green ammonia project aiming to supply the local demand and export markets, including Asia and Europe.
Scandinavia is a green hydrogen champion in the making, thanks to its competitive renewable energy resources and its proximity to the main demand centers in continental Europe. A unique feature of the region is its abundance of sustainable carbon sources (biogenic CO2), making the region a potential e-fuels hub, able to serve the growing and urgent demand of the maritime and aviation industry.

Yamna is developing a portfolio of hydrogen and e-fuels projects aiming to supply the global shipping and aviation industries.
Morocco provides one of the best locations worldwide for green hydrogen production. The country, located at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, is ideally positioned to serve as a global gateway for green hydrogen.

Yamna is developing a large-scale green hydrogen and ammonia project aiming to foster the establishment of a green industrial value chain in Morocco, for the production of ammonia and other high-value added products to serve the domestic demand as well as European and other export markets.
East Africa’s agricultural sector is suffering from a heavy reliance to fertilisers import and associated price variability, thereby fuelling food insecurity in the region. Consequently, the region only contributes to a mere portion of the world’s global agricultural output when it has abundant and still untapped natural resources.

Yamna is developing the green fertilisers use-case in East Africa, with the ambition to cut the region’s reliance on overseas import by serving a portion of the local demand at a competitive price.